学院创始于2004年,依托合作双方优渥的中外财经教育基因,秉承上海财经大学“厚德博学、经济匡时”的校训,为培养、培育、培训一流的优秀财经专业人才服务。学院凭籍十余年的励精图治和日积月累的教育资源,已经形成了聚焦行业的财经培训聚合平台,在金融业培训政府培训投资者教育培训、 CFAFRMACCACMACPARFP等国际国内从业资格培训项目,国际名校本科、硕士学分课程项目中具有显着的竞争优势和良好的行业影响力。学院为服务精英人才培养而注重财经学术研究,为精研中国经济崛起的发展之道,深究中国金融创新的内在规律,搭建并主导了对接银行业转型发展、服务政府财税金融、把握新三板市场脉搏的多个专业研究平台。


Shanghai International Banking & Finance Institute (SIBFI) is an education and training institution jointly founded by Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE) and the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management (FS). With the approval of the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, SIBFI is an independent institution of Sino-foreign cooperation operating schools authorized by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.

Relying on the outstanding financial education recourses of both domestic and foreign founders, SIBFI was founded in 2004, under SUFE’s motto of “Revere virtue and broaden knowledge; Lead with expertise to serve the people and the time” for the service of fostering, cultivating and training outstanding financial professional talents. By making every effort for more than ten years and accumulating educational resources day by day, our institute has formed an industry-focused financial training aggregated platform with a significant competitive advantage and good industry influence on financial, government and investor educational training. This is focused on international and domestic certificated qualification training programs, such as CFA, FRM, ACCA, CMA, CPA and RFP, and on undergraduate and graduate credit course programs with internationally well-known universities. The institute attaches importance on financial and economic academic research serving leading talents; deep research on internal regularity of Chinese financial innovation in order to study the development of China’s economic rise; builds and leads multiple professional research platforms of transformation business development in the banking sector, government taxation, financial services and the National Equity Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ, also known as “The three-new board”) market research.

In the future, SIBFI will take full advantage of the characteristics of the Sino-foreign cooperation, contribute further to training talented professionals for the Chinese financial industry, closely relying on the financial education experience of our founders SUFE and FS.